As you explore this site, you will see artwork in many different media. Working in acrylics, pen and ink, watercolor, pastel, fabric painting, pottery, interior design, graphic arts, and anything else that catches her eye, Gretchen has been an artist all her life, and professionally since 1994. She believes that an artistic eye, along with practice, is key to developing skills, and that most people are capable of learning how to "see" in a new way. She enjoys a playful approach to painting, even though the designs do tend to be very detailed and focus on a distinctive use of light and shadow. Favorite subjects often come from nature or architecture.


Gretchen Gill photo
She always enjoys challenging herself to learn new things, and is currently pursuing a degree in Digital Media Design, which encompasses graphic arts and web design. As the digital world of art opens up, she finds new opportunities to hone her skills on portfolio projects as well as collaborations with clients.

Gretchen has a wide variety of interests such as camping with her husband and son, growing herbs, vegetables and flowers, travel for inspiration, being a "foodie", cooking and baking, health and nutrition, decorating, spending time in nature, renovating their 100 year-old home, and spending cherished time with family and friends. One day she intends to write and illustrate children's books.

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